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DDC Engineering does not recommend the installation of N55 injectors in a 6V53N engine. The N55 has spray nozzle geometry which is designed for a 71N combustion chamber and the plunger/bushing is substantially retarded(late
injection) compared to the current N45s or even N50s.  So you would make more smoke than power with the fuel increase.  The largest injector released for the 53Ns was the N50 with the governor set for 2800 RPM full load in pleasurecraft applications. Timing height is the same for N50 and N45.  The N50 provides about 6% fuel increase for nominal parts; increasing the governed RPM will further increase power if the prop is matched accordingly.

You can also use the same unit or another similar for the breathing system
Inline 53 front view..
Inline 53 Rear view

671 side view turbo but showing water pump item  5.1001..
671 side view showing Air Box Drains item 1.1100
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Having trouble with Algae in fuel?
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Inline 53 open linkage
Inline 53 enclosed linkage
.Granted the DD 6v92 DDEC at 625 hp is pumped up quite a lot and there is no question that these are 1000 to 1500 hour engines but you can do a lot to extend engine life.First there are three upgrades that you must make sure that you have.1 There are new rings on the pistons.2There are new heads availible,and 3 there are new turbos that must be installed.If the boat is propped right and you turn up 2400 RPM at 95 to 98% load you will have a good chance to get the maximum life out of these engines.You should run the engines at no more than 80% load on a continuous basis.Good quality fuel,oil and filter changes at 100 hours or less and all of the above upgrades and I think that you will get maximum life out of these engines.DD has not seen a premature engine failure with all three upgrades and the boat propped right yet.Finally use your local Detroit Diesel dealer to make sure that everything is up to specs on these engines
A snippet from
Cam follower spring relief tool. for fitting cam follower holding Guide 5150298 to head . fits under adjusting nuts of push rods ..
When fitting Retainer 5150303 on top of push rod assy., first..
4 Valve Exhaust Valve Bridge adjusting Tool
will make up a  detailed drawing if there is any interest in above
GM 6.2L Injector Pump Timing
Items on this page are ideas about making things to improve the performance and    handling of Detroit Diesel Marine 2 Stroke Engines..
Also limited information on GM 8.2L & 6.2L Engines.
If you have some ideas of a similar type, or require information on DD2's - GM 8.2/6.2L
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6V53 Engine Rotation
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.DXF Files
of Both Tools
Inline 71 Blower to Block Mounting (671 HB)