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The idea for the IVB came over a smoko conversation on boat hulls that would be superior to any thing on the current market, and a long forgotten article on the Hickman Sled..
The first attempt was a 3 metre plus ply hull with much consternation on the lines and effects of water displacement.
Finally EP1 was launched and first tried with oars and stability tests the results were staggering..
A 4 HP Outboard was fitted and performance uplifting, so a bigger motor was found and fitted, a 9 HP with the staggering performance of 18 MPH with one up .

It was decided after tests in adverse water conditions to go for broke and double up, so the development of EP2 a 6.5 metre by 2.5 metre ply hull was done, with a lot of attention being applied to the asthetics of the hull without loosing the performance factors of EP1. This was and outstanding success and the 6.5M hull with a 70HP YAMAHA cruises comfortably at 25 knots with 2 adults 2 children and all gear for a days fishing
Further development was done into building in alloy and  5M + Hulls were  constructed .
The construction in alloy was very simple to build but the asthetics could not match those done in PLY..
I then decided i needed one of these boats for myself so built EP3 which had quite a few more refirnments than EP1 and started with a 9 HP motor but ended up installing a secondhand 25HP YAMAHA  which gives
27MPH with one up and all fishing gear for day, 22 MPH 2 adults and 2 children and all fishing gear, will even pull my 14+ stone son on a surfboard with 2 in the boat.
A 5M+ Alloy with 40 HP in the start of a turn
A 5m+  IVB at 40 kph fitted with a 40HP Motor.
Development of the IVB Boat In New Zealand

EP1 Launched floating in
under 100mm
EP1 Weight on gunwale
EP1     2 up
EP1 with 9HP notice wake
EP1 in a turn
EP1 under sail